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RIA Unlocking Innovation: Routes to Zero Carbon Rail

Starting on the week of 19 October and running daily at 14:00-15:30, the next Unlocking Innovation webinar series will explore the steps the industry needs to make to reach zero carbon railway.

Decarbonisation is a key challenge facing the transport industry and over the last two years there has been significant work by the railway industry, the supply chain and the Railway Industry Association to develop a strategy to decarbonise the railway in order to achieve the Government’s target of removing all diesel only trains off the network by 2040, and making the network net zero by 2050.

The next Unlocking Innovation webinar series will explore the technologies and strategies the railway industry can use to achieve a zero carbon railway.  The webinars will be packed full of speakers from across the industry and beyond, and will dig beneath the long-term decarbonisation targets and strategies to explore emerging and available technologies, new ways of working, which can play a part in reducing rail’s carbon footprint.

  • Day 1:  19 Oct – Driving Electrification
    Rail already has a solution to decarbonise through network electrification and, rightly, this makes up a significant portion of the industry’s strategy. How can the industry further improve the delivery of electrification schemes so that more of the network can be economically electrified? What technologies are being developed to deliver electrification differently?
    Hear from Helen McAllister, Strategy & Planning Director (Wales & West), Network Rail – Traction Decarbonisation Network Strategy, Justin Moss of Siemens on more efficient electrification and Richard Stainton from Network Rail on electrification cost efficiency.


  • Day 2: 20 Oct – Decarbonising Self-Powered Rolling Stock
    Recognising that full network electrification isn’t a viable solution to decarbonise the GB rail network and that the need for self-powered freight and passenger trains will remain for some time, what are the technologies that can be used to decarbonise these trains?
    Hear from Mike Edwards of Motive Zero on their work on decarbonising diesel freight locomotives, Jonathan Brown from Ricardo Rail about how to make the innovation in decarbonisation work, Chris Smith of G-Volution about lower cost and lower carbon infrastructure and a route to Hydrogen, and Matt Candy of Steamology about zero emission rail power.


  • Day 3: 21 Oct – Zero Carbon Operations, Maintenance and Renewal
    Whilst decarbonising traction energy will yield the greatest contribution to zero carbon overall goal, there remains a need to decarbonise the operations, maintenance and renewal of railway assets. What initiatives are being pursued to achieve this and what lessons can be learnt from other sectors?
    Learn from Howard Lungley, Sustainability Lead, Frazer Nash about decarbonising maintenance operations and Janet Dunnett, Programme Development Manager at Network Rail about a Resource Exchange Tool.


  • Day 4: 22 Oct – Generation Decarbonisation
    Rail is one component in the nations drive towards decarbonisation. As a network of critical national infrastructure, what role can rail play in the wider decarbonisation agenda and what are the technologies that can help deliver this?
    Hear from Russel Fowler, Senior Project Manager – Transport Decarbonisation, National Grid – Energy networks supporting innovative rail decarbonisation, David Horsfall, Director, Tyseley Energy Park – how Birmingham’s oldest company intends to stimulate innovation and deliver energy system solutions and from Andrew Kluth, Lead Carbon Specialist, RSSB about the Rail Decarbonisation R&D programme


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Date and Time: 19/10/2020 - 22/10/2020,  14:00 -15:30

Location: Webinar

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