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Joining UKRRIN: For Academics

Building on the academic Centres of Excellence we are keen to expand the network to highlight to industry the wide range of institutions in the UK that can support research and innovation development.

UKRRIN Centres of Excellence

The selected Centre of Excellence address core rail needs and have been identified and supported by industry. For a new centre to receive similar support a strong case for investment will need to be built based on existing and growing capability and sources of income will need to be identified.

UKRRIN Partner

Supporting delivery in core areas. As the partners will be associated with an existing Centres of Excellence, expressions of interest for partners will have to be agreed with the relevant partner university.

UKRRIN Affiliates

An affiliate member offers cross-cutting skills to the network as a whole. Themes of relevance to the wider network include, but are not limited to:

  • Human Factors
  • Artificial intelligence (machine learning, NLP, robotics)
  • Transport economics
  • Virtual reality and gamification
  • People flow modelling
  • Customer management
  • Noise and vibration
  • Material technology
  • Energy systems - Power network and smart grid
  • Rail policy and strategy
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If your institution has relevant skills and is interested in joining the network contact us at


Complete form and submit via the UKRRIN website


Review by UKRRIN Steering Group


Feedback from the UKRRIN Steering Group regarding membership or further details required.

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